It's Alright Now

Robbie. 21 years old.
Sing and play guitar in Radio Room.
Own Merch Zombies.
Journalist. How are you?

John Ryan (Crept DPK)

Having a hobby. best thing in the world. getting obsessed over the smallest of things. not getting your way, making you do things you normally wouldn’t. improvising. staying quiet. getting distracted. thinking. looking at things. smokin a fat rollie. A reset button (sleep). needing to express. desperation. music.(!) not caring. empathy. that drowning sense of excitement from discovery. walking to the beat of a song. naivety. getting scared. making yourself get scared. getting a weird sense of enjoyment from being scared. that bit when you wake up and forget that you are an absolute retard. not thinking. making lists for no reason. loving someone. loving to hate someone but you actually love them. Aggressive personal statements. Learning. feeling. early mornings. gettin baked. that first rush of drunk. feeling like your different. not being loved. How your mind organizes visual things. choice. Showing a little heart. feeling like your part of something. psychology. getting notions of peoples character. Feeling childlike and weightless. That bright voice people use to intimate normality when shit is clearly hitting the fan. When a memory makes you cold. being irish and getting to say stuff that doesn’t make sense but still does like wishy washy. when someone says a shit joke but keeps going with it because they dont care and then its funny. the little things. going there even tho you know you shouldn’t. Suffering for one little sliver. When you think stuff is shit but its actually class. interacting with your general environment. creating. cycling. singing really loud. the beach. arguing with people. getting angry. Never learning. forgetting that you hate people. hating the way you think back then was class but it actually wasn’t. making sense in general. being so passionate you have to sit down. bombay. knowing that you started a trend. looking out of bus windows when its raining and feeling like your deep. being so specific its funny. being confident and not having to hide anymore. identifying things that nobody else does but does. bolting a tre flip. pink fats and spanish montana. trains. tunnels. not paying for anything. seeing people you havent seen is ages but not being able to talk to them even tho you have much to say. toast. more toast. being really nice to people. being a complete dickhead. hating the feeling that your making a statement from a full stop. getting your feelings out and not caring where or how. being in the airport where time is nothing and all you have to do is wait. 4x4 beats when the hats and the clap comes in. collarbones. validating your day by creating something you wouldn’t normally create. random shit. being mad slick as fuck. constantly sending snapchats of toast. hating your mother cus you kinda have to. flippin a nice rollie. being on your own. being that cunt who lit the beach on fire. missing your friends. being depressed but kinda liking it. being honest. lying to people really well. never really getting it but soldiering on because its all you know. Welcoming rock bottom because its all up from there. feeling guilty. saying no to someone just to help them but they dont understand. getting the best ideas from the most ridiculous things. not ever being able to type photogprhy properly. typing in general. saying in general. feeling jealous and not getting satisfaction from making someone else jealous. that never ending quest for confidence. right ok… fuck off

Radio Room || Skin Touch

Little look at our debut album coming out soon, entitled “92 || 93”

Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL.

Thanks! x



when you write a sentence and it rhymes


why does the picture make perfect sense

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